Learn the 9 Principles of Design: contrast, emphasis, movement, repetition, proportion, rhythm, unity, balance, and variety.

Know the 9 Principles of Design

Know the 9 Principles of Design: Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Repetition, Proportion, Rhythm, and Unity. This will help your students learn how to arrange the Elements of Art and make aesthetically-pleasing compositions.

Movement is the use of line, shape and color to suggest action or create a sense of motion in an artwork. It’s paired with the principle of Balance which is the visual distribution of weight to keep an artwork looking even and stable.


Contrast is the use of opposing elements in a composition to create a sense of depth and draw the viewer’s eye around the artwork. Contrast can be used with any of the art elements, including color, value, texture and shape.

Contrast can include paired colors that are chromatic opposites or can involve contrast in scale, such as the use of large and small shapes side by side to amplify their differences. Contrast also includes varying levels of detail in an artwork to emphasize certain areas or create a sense of movement.


Emphasis is the process of making a particular area or subject in an artwork noticeable. Artists use various art elements like size, value, color, texture, shape and line to create contrasting effects for emphasis.

For example, Michelangelo positioned the hands near the centre of the painting so that our eyes naturally gravitate towards this area. This is an example of emphasis.

Artists also use a visual hierarchy of the various elements to create a sense of focus in their work. Read our blog on unity to learn more about how artists create this effect.


Movement is a visual principle that helps artists capture dynamism and action in their works. It can be depicted through varying techniques and elements like line, color, shape, texture, space, and value.

Unlike video or dance art, which can show actual physical movement, artworks need to create the illusion of motion. There are four types of movement in art: physical, implied, rhythmic, and optical. Each has its own unique way of directing the viewer’s eye through the composition.


Repetition (re-peh-TIH-shun) is a common art principle that closely works with patterns and rhythm. Artists use repetition to create unity and a sense of consistency in their compositions.

Regular repetition is seen in Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans painting. Each canvas features the same size, shape and subject matter to create uniformity and predictability.

Irregular repetition, on the other hand, is seen in Donald Judd’s Untitled (Stack) artwork. Each box contains different colored circles, but they are arranged in an irregular pattern.


Proportion is the comparison of the size of different elements within a composition. Artists use proportion to create depth and perspective, symmetry, and balance. They can also manipulate proportions to create stylized drawings. For example, a cartoonist may exaggerate the size of their subjects for a comical effect.

Proportion is a key element in creating aesthetically pleasing artworks. It can be found in a wide variety of art forms, from paintings to sculptures.


Rhythm describes the variety and repetition of elements in a piece of art that come together to create a visual beat or tempo. The movement of these elements can be regular, alternating, flowing, or progressive.

A simple example of rhythm is when artists use shades and lines that are portrayed in a regular pattern, such as the work of artist Piet Mondrian. However, if the rhythm becomes monotonous, it can become distracting to the viewer.


Symmetrical balance is one of the most common and technical forms of balance in art. It is when the same art elements are mirror images of each other on both sides of the work of art – also known as bilateral symmetry.

Asymmetrical balance and radial balance are other formal types of art balance that are more flexible and creative. These designs allow for more visual variety but still maintain the stability and equilibrium that is achieved with symmetrical balance.


Unity is a design principle that ties together different elements in a piece of art to create coherence. It can be achieved through repetition, proximity, consistency and continuity.

The most common methods of achieving unity in an artwork include using continuing edges, shapes and lines to connect areas of the composition. It can also be created with the use of similar values, shapes and colors to tie the pieces together.


Variety is the use of different techniques and elements to add complexity and interest to a piece of art. Whether it is color, line quality, shape language or brushwork, adding little twists to your design helps to keep it interesting for the viewer.

Artists use contrasting lines (bold against thin), textures, shapes (geometric against organic) and colors in limitless ways to create a sense of variety within a composition. It also balances unifying elements to help create or reinforce a visual theme in artwork.

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Art Pun Names: The Fusion of Creativity and Comedy

Art Pun Names

Puns are a form of wit. And like art, they can be edgy, sardonic or sly.

Visual puns derive from verbal puns and purely visual pictorial play, such as optical illusions, ambiguity, cartoons or metaphors. Kince explains that these can include suggestive, metonymic or comparative puns.

Artists often employ visual puns. They find beauty in homonyms and use them to make people laugh.


Art pun names add a brushstroke of humor to any conversation. These humorous puns will paint a smile on your face and splash your day with laughter. There is no need for any paintbrushes or berets here – just bring your sense of humor to enjoy this playful fusion of creativity and comedy.

What are art puns?

A pun (also known as a play on words, wordplay, or witticism) is the assignment of different meanings to similar-sounding words or phrases with humorous intent. Examples include “a view to kill” and “dresed to kiln.”

Visual puns are artworks that incorporate elements such as images, letters, numbers, or shapes in a way that creates an analogy with the word(s) being used. Some famous visual puns include Dali’s Rose Field and the Matrix Codex.

How do you use art puns?

Puns can be a great tool for teaching students about the importance of using context clues in reading. They can also help students understand that a word’s meaning is often related to its root word or other surrounding words. For example, the pun “War and Peace” relies on the reader’s knowledge of Leo Tolstoy’s novel to be funny. Without this prior knowledge, the pun would be ineffective. When used appropriately, puns can be a wonderful addition to any classroom and can help students build vocabulary, grammatical skills, and critical thinking. If you want to learn more about using puns in the classroom, check out our free guide. This resource includes fun activities that can be used in the classroom to teach students about puns.

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Winning the Business Battle: Applying Art of War Strategies for Small Businesses

5 Art of War Tips for Small Businesses

When you think about the art of war, many different things come to mind. Some may be applicable to the game, but others are not.

The art of war is one of the oldest documents on military strategy. The principles in this document can also be applied to business strategy. Small businesses can use these strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Know your enemy

One of the most important tips in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is to know your enemy. This means gathering competitive intelligence and understanding your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This can be done through a variety of different ways, such as SWOT analysis or social media tracking.

Another way to know your enemy is to observe their behavior. For example, if they are getting irritated easily, it could mean that they are tired or hungry. Similarly, if they are giving out punishments to their troops, it might be a sign that they are losing morale.

You can also use creativity sprints or brainstorming sessions to come up with strategies that will exploit your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths. This will help you gain an advantage over your competition and win more business.

Gather competitive intelligence

Gathering competitive intelligence is a vital part of the process. However, having a lot of data is only useful when you can put it into context and identify the most important trends.

The best way to do that is by using qualitative data like win/loss interviews or feedback from customers and prospects. This will help you understand what your competitors are doing right and where their weaknesses are.

You also need to regularly present this information to your stakeholders. By doing this, you will prevent them from being caught off guard by changes in market conditions or new competitor strategies. It will also help them act more quickly on the information you provide. This will increase the chances of success for your business.

Be prepared for conflict

Although many small businesses are afraid to “poke the bear” with larger competitors, it is essential to be prepared for direct conflict. This requires doing your research and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Having a strong competitive strategy will help you plan how to attack and overcome your competition.

The Art of War, an influential document on military strategy written by the ancient Chinese military strategist Sunzi, has influenced leaders worldwide, not only in warfare but also in other areas of life, including business. These principles are relevant to business today and can be applied to any type of business. Here are a few key principles from the book that can be applied to any business. The first one is: Know your enemy.

Be proactive instead of reactive

The word proactive is a buzzword that has been thrown around quite a bit, and for good reason. Proactive is defined as “taking action to prevent or solve problems before they arise.”

Taking the initiative can help your business thrive in competition with its rivals. Although most small businesses are nervous to poke the bear with larger competitors, a strong competitive strategy can help alleviate those fears.

Being proactive also helps you take the right actions when problems do arise. No one can predict future events perfectly, but planning ahead makes it easier to respond quickly when things don’t go according to plan. The Art of War isn’t just a military strategy guide, but it’s also a useful reference for modern business. The principles can be applied to any type of business, large or small.

Take the initiative

A key aspect of the Art of War is its encouragement of peaceful resolutions when possible. It also recommends avoiding siege warfare, which prolongs the conflict and wastes resources. It also advises against backing the enemy into a corner, as this can make them more desperate and less predictable.

In business, taking the initiative can help you gain an advantage over your adversary by anticipating their moves and addressing them quickly. This can be done by conducting brainstorming sessions, creativity sprints, or ideation workshops.

The Art of War has remained relevant over the years because it is about strategy and tactics, rather than specific warfare technology. It has influenced leaders around the world in warfare, business, and other areas of life. Sun Tzu’s principles of leadership can be applied to any situation, whether you are in a battle or in the boardroom.

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Experience the Ultimate Baseball Broadcast with MLB중계

Immerse in the Excitement of the Ball Game with MLB중계

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